Sarah Harmer in Centennial Plaza

Mike took me and his girlfriend Kate to see Sarah Harmer play an outdoor concert in Centennial Square this weekend. Mike and I both missed the other 2 times she's come to Victoria: in late 2000 (I think) we decided to stay home to watch Dubya get elected (kind of) for the first time, and she came back this fall when I was in London and he was in Tokyo. She is just one of those great Canadian voices that I missed so much when I was away...the world doesn't know what it's missing. Hooray for Canadian content rules.

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Family Day at Camp

It was Family Day at Al's camp in Metchosin this weekend, and I always go out to help (even though they don't really need my help)...this lovely "cosmetic" addition of the canoe-slash-signpost is just one of the many "upgrades" they've made since I volunteered out here as a teenager...we didn't have buildings then, let alone signposts. It's amazing what they've done with the property. 

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