The Most Wonderful (Tea) Time of the Year

Ah, the first week of November.  Some people find it dreary, depressing.  The clocks have turned back, the mornings are bleaker, the evenings darker.  But for some of us, for my people - the tea people - this is a very, very special time of year.  It means it's time for the

David's Tea

Advent Calendar to arrive.  24 days of little tiny tins of tea.  Delicious, delicious tea.

I know, I know.  I've said that

I don't need any more tea

, I have enough.  But as I pointed out to my friend Parm when she reminded me of this fact, this is an


 calendar.  It's a


item that I need to practice my...religion.  


Anyway, I hemmed and hawed about whether I should wait up until midnight to go online to order them off the David's Tea website (as I did last year), or go to the store on Water Street when it opened at 8.  

By 7:50 a.m. I was standing in front of the closed shop - and I wasn't the only one.  At 8 a.m. in we rushed.  I picked up four - one for myself, one for a co-worker who had requested it, and two extras. My friends Caitlin and Cathy are both tea freaks as well and I knew Cathy had been very disappointed to miss out on the calendars last year - and the clerk remarked as she was ringing me in that it looked like they were already sold out online.  I was glad I'd bought few backups - if Caitlin and Cathy didn't need them, I'd sell them off.   Good thing, too, because when I arrived at the office, laden with turquoise David's Tea bags, this is what my iPhone had to say:

We plan our attack.

After further strategizing, Caitlin decided to go into Brentwood Mall for the opening of the David's Tea there regardless, to see if she could procure her own, so we could free up one of my extras for someone else.  It was crowded, but she managed to get one.  RESULT!

Caitlin is triumphant.

So all in all, a successful 24 Days of Tea Day.  We've all got our calendars.  The kettle is on...how many days until December 1st?

So.  Much.  Tea.