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New Favourite: Juice Truck's To Die For Banana Bread Smoothie

We've all done it - licked the wooden spoon or the beaters after making a cake. And the problem is - there's never enough to really satisfy that cake-batter craving. Well, my pals at the Juice Truck and Erin Ireland, Metro food writer, To Die For Banana Bread empress, and all-around delightful lassie, have come up with something that fills that sinful void - the To Die For Banana Bread Smoothie.

The smoothie combines Erin's fabulous Banana Bread with banana, cacao nibs, vanilla, cinnamon and soy milk (with a few macadamia nuts for garnish) and the result is magical. And delicious. Any reservations you have about drinking your bread through a straw must be put aside. Trust me.

Smoothie Queen Aviya, Juice Tenders Zach and Ryan, and the lovely Erin Ireland and her nom nom Banana Bread.

Erin's Banana Bread really is to die for - it's not your Mom's banana bread, that's for sure - macadamia nuts, Callebaut chocolate, heavenly spices - it doesn't get much better. Her bread is available at several local retailers. Visit Erin's blog for more info.

The Juice Truck is at the corner of Abbott & Water, Monday through Fridays, rain or shine.

All images courtesy Erin Ireland,