Artists Who Hike (and the People That Love Them)

So apparently I like hiking now.  After a very very stressful few months professionally, I found myself needing some peace and quiet and an escape from busy Gastown.  My friend Jenny dragged me out reluctantly on her birthday for a hike around Buntzen Lake, which to my surprise, I really enjoyed.  And since then I've been hiking every weekend, sometimes both Saturdays and Sundays, dragging various of my theatre friends out onto the trails with me.  We've started a Facebook Group called "Artists Who Hike and the People That Love Them" where we post our weekly hiking plans, so feel free to find us there if you'd like to join on one of our walks.

On the Buntzen Lake Loop, first week of June.

Some of the gang on the Buntzen trail.

Jenny and Oriana on the Cedars Mill Trail, mid-June.

Amazing.  Even this city girl can appreciate scenery like this, in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.

Kate, on the Lynn Loop.  This post is revenge for her calling me a "Mountain Goat."

Super Dann!

I'm starting to get headband-tan.  How embarassing.

Cedars Mill Trail.

 Mist on the river. Lynn Headwaters.

Birthday Hike on Sidney Island with my brother.

Canada Day on the top of Mt. Finlayson with Alex.  I look much happier than I felt after this straight-up scramble.