Currie is Ready to Go Home.

Currie is Ready to Go Home.

Animal websites advise that you get your pets ready for travel by putting

their carriers out where they can sniff them, explore them, get used to

them. Currie has always hated her Sky Kennel, but I dragged it out when

Orange Kitty was here and haven't put it back yet...and Currie is spending

alot of quality time inside. Last night I walked by and she had shut

herself in there with the door shut. At first I thought that maybe I had

knocked the door closed when I walked by, so I bent down to undo the

door-she batted me with her claws and told me to leave her alone. I felt

like the mother of a teenager barricaded in her room. Currie might as well

have put a sign on the door that said "No parents allowed!"