Christmas Eve 2005

Well, both Alex and I are having a somewhat blue (like, maybe baby blue, not really navy or azure) Christmas without our loved ones. So Laura and Edy, this one's for you. We wish you were here and hope you are having a good Christmas with your family. With your own families, not each others'. Because if you were having Christmas at some secret location without us, we'd be mad. Miss you.

Love, Dani and Al.

Here's a picture of Popo trying his hand at Italian cuisine for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Above: Spot the unwrapped Christmas Kitty under the Tree. Zorica fixed the Worst Haircut Ever. It's a Christmas Miracle. Mom put a certain tasty Italian treat on the Christmas tree to remind us of Edy. Dani fell asleep waiting to go to church. Dani and Al man the Lemon Family Call Centre (Edy and Laura phoned in simultaneously). Al loves a good Christmas tree. Dani makes Land of Nod cinnamon buns for tommorrow morning...