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Lemon Family Book Club 2012

Alex, Laura and I all got Kobo Touch e-readers for Christmas. I was ecstatic; I had a Kobo but gave it to my dad when I got my iPad 2, and when I realized that the iPad wasn't nearly as good for reading, it was too late to ask for my Kobo back as Dad had fallen in love with the damn thing. He never puts it down.

Anyway, on Christmas night, after we cleared the dishes, we 3 junior Lemons decided that we'd start a family book club. We would each choose 4 books, and that would give us one club book a month for the rest of the year (we'd do more but Alex only reads in the bath you see - and there's only so many baths a man can take). We'll conduct our meetings by Skype or FaceTime or real time, if we can. There's no rule about what kind or quality of book we read - it's just what strikes our fancies.

Want to read along with us? January's book is Alex's pick, and it's World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks. Given my current fascination with all things zombie, I did not object in the slightest to this choice. We'll let you know what we think - and please feel free to share your views in the comments section. Or let us know on Twitter: I'm @danwithatwist, and Alex and (therefore Laura) is @lemony_fresh.