Vancity Bikes 2011

Fridays in the City.

After a busy busy week of at least three meetings or appointments a day, I needed a lazy Friday. And after a good sleep-in, I hopped on the Grey Lady, my new townbike, and headed across town to the Denman Bike Shop (where I got my cruiser, Ms. Bertha Chatelaine), to pick up a new helmet - mine fell off the kitchen counter and cracked. Fail. Anyways, new helmet bought, I decided to keep trundling down Davie, back into my old neighbourhood. I hardly ever go there now, and the place has changed a lot in the three years (omigoshhowtimeflies) since I left.

At the intersection at Comox and Davie I watched a squirrel try to cross four lanes of traffic. I was shrieking for "someone" to save the lil' guy and praying that I wasn't going to have to witness him being squished into a pancake by a cab - but he made it across safely. I decided to pop into Cupcakes for a mini red velvet to celebrate:

To be honest, the cupcakes aren't as good as those at Victoria's Pink Sugar (my brother and I sneak over there for vegan cupcakes whenever I'm in town) but the Cupcakes store is so damn pretty, it's just a delight to visit.

Then I ambled down the seawall, past English Bay, around Yaletown, and back into my beloved DTES. Paid a quick visit to my peeps at Acme, and then home to go for a Rolling Hills run on the treadmill. I mean, awesome. I love being my own boss. I'm starting to worry about getting more clients in the door, but really, it's been less than a month. I have to stop being so hard on myself. I don't know that I'll ever learn that lesson...

I asked this woman if I could take her picture - she laughed and said "I was here yesterday too, but that wouldn't have made for such a good photo." I guess not, what with the pathetic slushy snowfall we had yesterday afternoon...