Hot Chocolate Festival: Why I'm Blogging It

"Of course you're blogging it Dani," some of you may be saying. "It's about chocolate."

Well, yes. I do like chocolate, it's true. But the real reason I'm blogging and Tweeting City Food Magazine's Hot Chocolate Festival to death is because funds raised by the festival are being donated to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. I live in the Downtown Eastside - these women are my neighbours. The DWEC is a drop-in centre, an emergency shelter, and a place where women can go to receive a number of life-saving benefits, such as victims' services, housing outreach, and training, education and skills development. The DWEC is creating positive change for women and needs all the help it can get. So - go drink a hot chocolate somewhere, wilya, and know that you are helping to make my neighbourhood a safer place, and my neighbours happier, more productive people. Even better, you can donate directly to DWEC online here.