2011 theatre vancity

The Reviews Are In - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum is a hit!

I'm currently playing Domina in Stephen Sondheim's "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum" at the Jericho Arts Centre until October 22nd. We've been getting some great reviews from local media, with kudos especially for our director (and my pal), Cathy Wilmot, and our Pseudolus (uh, and my pal - noticing a trend?!), Ryan Mooney, who's better known as artistic director of Fighting Chance Productions:

The Georgia Straight said our show brims with playfulness, and raved about Ryan's performance, although I don't know if I like being called a shrew or brainless - or maybe I should take this as a compliment to my performance, since I'm neither in real life?

The Vancouver Courier said Ryan was amazing as "con man" and "snake oil salesman" Pseudolus, that I "dominate with my big operatic voice" and was amazed at how funny the show still is, after all these years.

Gillian Lockitch from Review From the House said I was "awesomely dominating" and that Peter Stainton, who plays my husband Senex, was the "best henpecked husband anywhere" (I agree).

Review Vancouver noted that we earned a "well-earned standing ovation" on Opening Night, and picked out my darling Cameron Dunster, who plays my son Hero (hilarious as a) I'm not that much older than him and b) he's probably at least a foot taller than me - if not more) as the standout of the show.

David C. Jones of OUTtv pegged Ryan as the star of the show as the "sardonic and witty" Pseudolus and rightly called out Mike Wild's performance as Hysterium as well.

So seriously, what are you waiting for? The show's a hit! Get your tickets online at Jericho Arts Centre - we have 7 shows a week, you really don't have an excuse not to show up.