Dinner with Friends.

Just got back from dinner with friends at Feenie's on West Broadway. When we left the restaurant it was pouring rain and I realized sadly that it has reached that time of year where I have to start carrying an umbrella everywhere I go. I was happy to be able to go and hop in my little co-op car (a Volkswagen Bug, bright yellow) to come home...as much as I love walking and being a city girl that was a bit too far of a hop skip and a puddle-jump for me.

We had a tough time deciding what to eat tonight and four of us decided to go for the porkchop with baked apples and spinach gnocchi. We were all a little disappointed-we thought it was salty-but for some reason when the waitress asked how everything was, we all smiled and said it was great, thank you very much. Then we all looked at each other and said, "Why did we say that?" So the next time she came back, I said to her, "Well, we lied. We actually thought they were really salty, but we didn't want to say anything." She was immediately concerned and said, "You need to tell us these things! I'll tell the kitchen immediately, thank you for your comments!" Later, she came to me and said in an undertone, "It's good to be honest. I've taken care of all the porkchops for you. " She also comped us a bottle of wine, which was extremely good of her...it's not like Feenie's is hurting for business, but she really was concerned that we wouldn't come back.

We made up for the lacklustre dinner in a big way by ordering...EVERY dessert on the menu. "We'll have them all," I said grandly, handing the menu back to the somewhat shocked but amused waitress. There were 8 of us, so 6 desserts between 8 wouldn't be that bad, we reasoned. It's not even a whole dessert each, right?

The waitress staggered the arrival of the desserts so that we wouldn't be intimidated but it was still quite a sight to see one table laden with pumpkin mousse, gingerbread creme brulee, chocolate fondant cake, apple galette, sticky toffee pudding, and chocolate brownies. We couldn't finish it all, that's how much dessert there was. My teeth hurt. I have a sugar-high headache. If my dad had been there, he'd be in a coma by now. It was ridiculous. But fun. Not something I think I'll be doing again any time soon. Is it too late to go for a run tonight and work off this sugar?